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Bron on Farms

For more than half a century, BRON'S BODEM EXPLORATIE has been improving the health of people, animals, soil and plants. The company has now grown into a leader in the agrarian world.

It all started in 1950 when Johannes Bron (1920-1989) developed a method and instrument that would result in
healthier, fertile soil with a good crumb structure, balanced soil life and excellent yield.

The starting point was to achieve optimum public health by producing healthy, toxin-free soil with healthier plants, and
therefore healthier, safe food for people and animals. The result of constant experimentation was a physical instrument

This patented instrument improves and strengthens the soil structure and soil fertility. It also provides a more balanced
charge in the geomagnetic field so that the resistance to infection of people, animals and plants is less adversely
affected by the harmful effects of earth radiation, water veins, etc.

Farming and market gardening are increasingly developing towards environmentally friendly, and particularly sustainable
and safe production methods. Interest in organic farming is still growing. New developments in the field of fertilizers,
groundwater management, practical testing and research are succeeding each other rapidly. An inestimable amount of
experience has been acquired over the years in experimental farms and model farms. So expert advice and supervision are an important part of our activities. If you have any questions arising from the information on our website, we’ll be happy to answer them.

 Burying a Broncorrector on a fruit farm.
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 Ready for transport.
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On these infrared photographs of a field of grass/clover, the limit of the Broncorrector’s effect action-radius is clearly visible. The area affected is purple – representing more vital and dense vegetation – while the area outside is a lighter, white colour.
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