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Livestock and agriculture

Cows are reluctant to enter the milking parlor, or difficulties with the milking robot?

Problems in livestock and agricultural holdings can often be traced back to an excessively high or unbalanced magnetic field strength on the farm.

On many farms, the positive/negative charge of water veins/earth radiation, possibly strengthened by a neighboring mobile network mast, leads to restless animals and static electricity fields on electronics and equipment. This causes stress to animals.

Vegetables do not achieve optimum growth owing to extremely dense soil profiles and, varying in depth, even hard, obstructive layers, resulting in a lack of oxygen, bad rooting, disrupted water management and reduced soil strength.

The Broncorrector corrects the imbalance in the magnetic field strength on your farm so that the positive/ negative charge in the form of peaks (too high) and curves (too low) – which cause many health problems – are corrected, producing a more uniform field and a more balanced living environment for people, animals and plants.

Meat cattle also fatten better with the Broncorrector
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Jan Schouten wouldn’t do without his Corrector. ´Even if that thing was twice as expensive, it would still go in the ground today’
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Peace and quiet in the milking parlor at Jan van Casteren’s farm
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Healthy pedigree cows
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