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The Broncorrector is a physical instrument. The set of instruments for the corrector for farms is mounted in a grey, watertight cylinder 125 cm in length and 30 cm in diameter, bearing the Broncorrector logo.

This cylinder is buried at a depth of 1 meter in the ground and protrudes 25 cm above ground level to make it possible to check magnetic north orientation.

The entire corrector is adjusted precisely to magnetic north and installed so that it makes optimum use of the free energy of the magnetic field for good operation. So the Broncorrector needs no electricity, gas or other fuel in order to function.

Corrector installed with arrow pointing precisely to magnetic north.
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Corrector in raspberry beds.
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IMPROVER 25 and IMPROVER 70 for private homes, offices, etc. Effect action-radius is 25 and 70 meters respectively.
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