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Three celebrated scientists, the American biologist Dr. Robert Becker, the French biologist Jacques Benveniste and the German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp have shown in their research that all living beings – people, animals and plants – create electromagnetic fields and that electromagnetic signals are the major way in which cells in the body communicate with each other and are controlled. In their field of bio-electromagnetics it has been firmly established that we are essentially electromagnetic beings and that the nature of the human body is therefore vibration.

It is thus very understandable that when we are exposed to external vibrations such as earth radiation, electro-smog, high -voltage or mobile telephony, we can live in an incorrect rhythm and it is perfectly conceivable that certain cells in the body can receive incorrect instructions (signals) – with all the negative consequences for our health, performance and well-being.

Cosmic radiation (green) that reaches the earth brings energy and is not harmful. However, if this radiation is reflected by water veins, for example, the radiation (red) then has a negative effect on the health of people, animals and plants!
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