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Theo Wisselink

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240

VMS (VijwilligMelkSysteem) milking robot 

In June 2008, we purchased a Broncorrector ‘Medium-240’ via Bertie Houwers. The cows had a lot of mastitis and we were advised to buy a Broncorrector. After installing the Broncorrector, things slowly started to improve. But was the Broncorrector responsible for that? Also our son who had used to lay awake every night from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. almost always slept right through the night. A year ago, things suddenly started to go worse with milking in the milking robot.

The cows were reluctant to use it and there was more mastitis. A check by Bertie Houwers showed that the Corrector was disrupted. Without realising it, we had installed the manure mixer right on the feed line of the Corrector. Once we had removed the mixer, things went better again and we had to believe in the effect of the Broncorrector.

The Vrijwillige Melk Systeem (Voluntary Milking System) offers the farmer a way of life that is hard to find with traditional milking methods. Many farming families have now transferred the hard work of milking to the Robot. And with a Broncorrector on the farm, farming is even easier.