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Jan van Casteren

geplaatst: Broncorrector 520

Our experience with the “miracle tube”. 

After years of carefree, good farming, in 2002, we had grown too big for our barn. The barn that has been built in 1973 was much too full, the milking parlor was too small and further growth was possible by buying more land. The barn was enlarged, including a new milking parlor (2x12 side-by-side, rapid exit) paste. The upper storey was replaced and heightened. In this new barn there was room for a further 50 stalls. With healthy livestock, the herd of cows increased by 50 in two years to 180 cows and milk production rose by 1,000 litres per cow. In 2006, everything became a bit more difficult and the resistance of our cows dropped very rapidly. In 2007 the percentage calf loss rose to 25% and the cell level to 400,000. And in addition we had increasingly more listless cows. In September 2007, BVD was diagnosed in 5 cows. We were happy that we had found the cause and that by culling the cows carrying BVD we would once again
have a healthy herd.

However, a year later, after a slight improvement, the problems had simply grown. The problems that we had in the dairy barn included a lot of mastitis, thin cows, dull and open coats, and many heifers that we had to inject with oxytocine when milking. A lot of advisers, minerals, medicines, powders and drinks made no difference. In other barns where young cattle and dry cows were housed, the animals looked much better. This showed that the problem had to lie in the barn and we were already thinking in terms of electricity or radiation. However, better earthing in the barn and an earth stake at every drinking trough produced no result. In March 2009, I read an article about water veins and radiation in the barn and Henk Pauw sketched a scenario that corresponded to our cows.

I immediately phoned Henk Pauw and, using Google Earth, he felt that there must be a large water vein under the barn. In fact, Henk Pauw’s story was so unbelievable that, if he hadn’t been a farmer himself and if his advice had cost me money, I would certainly have hung up the phone. Yet I immediately ordered a large Broncorrector (500) because we would get a 2-year guarantee (80% money back if we didn’t believe in it). Two weeks later, Bertie Houwers installed the Broncorrector after he found he found a large water vein under the new section of the barn, which also ran straight under the milking parlor.

In the meantime, my employee had a lot of fun at my expense but “a drowning man will clutch at straws”. A clear result could be seen within a couple of weeks. The cows were calm in the milking parlor and were ready to enter it. The cows started to look good again and began to put on weight. The cell level dropped to 200,000 and fertility improved. In August there was a down-turn and I phoned Bertie Houwers. An hour later, he phoned me back and said that I had moved something made of iron that had disrupted the correction line. Indeed, this turned out to be a steel silo that I had knocked down and lain flat in the meadow (in July). I immediately moved the silo and that evening, at milking, the cows were as calm as if you had treated them against flies and there was also less mastitis over the following weeks. The

cows were worse again in November and the Health Service was called in again. The cows were tested for everything but the dung and blood tests were good. The Health Service did not find any visible diseases and doubts were raised about the resistance of the cows. I phoned Bertie Houwers again and, after visiting the farm, he saw that the Broncorrector was not working. He did not understand why this could be and wanted to move it. He then saw that there were 4 iron stakes that I had driven in to fence off the ditch-mowing. He pulled out the stakes and measured to confirm that the corrector was working again. In the following weeks, we noticed an even swifter improvement in the cows than before.

All in all, we are convinced that the Broncorrector on our farm has made a big difference to the cows. I still think it’s a tall story and I can’t explain it but the cows show it clearly. Bertie Houwers and his experience as a farmer, and the no-cure-no-pay money-back guarantee were what persuaded me to install the Broncorrector. I’ve only this to say to the people at Broncorrector: I don’t understand what’s going on but you have my thanks. Good farming has returned and we enjoy our work once again.

Best wishes from Jan van Casteren, Wilhelminalaan 60, Wijchen