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Maarten Kruijt

geplaatst: Broncorrector 110

Dairy farm Maarten Kruijt, Zegveld

It is now almost 8 years since you installed the Broncorrector. Our findings have been very positive. The problems on our farm were excessive cell level, cows that had difficulty calving and bad (soft) hooves. At that time, we went through a very hard period. The vet, the CRV (Cattle Improvement Cooperative) and the health service could not provide a solution. The advice was: cull all the cows. And this was advice that we could not follow. The vet in question got the sack. We came to you via Sake de Haan. Since you and Henk Pauw installed the Broncorrector, a lot has changed but it did not happen overnight. It took about 2 months. However, the results are staggering. They include a very low cell level of ± 90 per year on average and very easy calving. Out of 100 births per year, approximately 2 or 3 needed our assistance and this does not apply to heifers, which needed no help at all. What is also remarkable is that the cows and young animals are very calm. I’ve already been phoned by people who wanted to know what I think about the Broncorrector – and I’m very happy to talk to them, of course.