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The Vossenbeld family

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240

The Vossebeld family, Wesepe

In 1997 our cows fell sick. Milk yield and grade dropped, with lactose below 5.50. We gave the animals extra minerals and salt but this had little effect. The cows got mastitis, abscesses on their backs and skin infections. Their coats were dull. They appeared listless and sick with no resistance whatsoever. They started to lie on their knees in the stalls and pushed their noses against the front gate. They were reluctant to go to the milking parlor and they refused to return to the barn if it started to rain when they were grazing in the meadow. Feed, dung, drinking water and barn climate were all investigated by many experts. No one knew what the matter was or could provide a solution. We began to doubt ourselves. We even thought that the reason was our move from Twente to Salland. – a different sort of soil. The cows would have to get used to it. The former owner had had M.R. IJ cows, while we had black and white Holsteins. We read an article by Henk Pauw in De Koerier van de Melkfabriek about harmful earth radiation. We invited Henk Pauw to our farm where he conducted a dowsing survey. It turned out that our cows were being affected by harmful earth radiation.

Henk advised us to fit a Broncorrector to eliminate the problems. At first, we did not want to do this. We were a bit too down-to-earth for that, besides which, it is an expensive instrument. But when you saw how sick our cows were, you do something about it. Henk installed the Broncorrector and after a few months we saw a clear improvement. The cows’ resistance became much better. They gave more milk, grades increased and the lactose in the milk rose to more than 4.50. We enjoy going into the barn again.