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A. van Bussel

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240

Dairy farm A. van Bussel, Klarenbeek

In our head-to-head barn, there were various spots where the cows were restless and where they would also suddenly get mastitis without any obvious cause. After I had read an article about the Broncorrector in De Boerderij in the spring of 2009, I decided to find out about more about it. After I phoned, Bertie Houwers came to conduct a dowsing survey. And indeed, the dowsing rods reacted right at the spots where the cows faltered and acted up. He tested it himself with a small Broncorrector and saw that the cows became quiet and calm. The farm Corrector was installed at the beginning of April and after that progress was quick. When we suddenly had problems again in September, Bertie noticed that we had a disruption near the Broncorrector. This was correct as we had actually needed to roll out rubber mats with cables in the meadow alongside the Corrector and these were disrupting it. After we had removed them, the problem was rectified.