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Jan Schouten

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240

Jan Schouten wouldn’t do without his Broncorrector. The cows have better resistance and his wife has fewer rheumatic problems.

`If that thing was twice as expensive as it is, it would still go in the ground today.’ Jan Schouten is emphatic: the fitting of his Broncorrector in 2006 has turned around the fortunes of his farm and his family. Schouten’s wife had suffered from rheumatism for 10 years, which meant large doses of medicines. ‘I can’t explain it, but now our life looks completely different,’ says Schouten. Following neospora and BVD infections, the resistance of his dairy herd was in a hopeless state. Simple wounds became abscesses. He found the Bron company on the Internet. At first, Schouten did not believe in it very much ‘I was very cynical. I listened to the dowser claiming this and that and thought: I’ll believe it when I see it.’ All the same, Schouten installed a Medium 240 but told no one about it. Ten days later, the vet came on a visit. ’Your cows look a bit better,’ he said. A week later, Schouten got the same reaction from the feed supplier. He slowly started to believe in it himself, and he noticed differences in the barn. ‘Everything runs far more easily now,’
‘BELIEVING IN A MIRACLE TUBE’ (Farming magazine 'DE BOERDERIJ', February 2009) Jan Schouten