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Wim Stoker

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240

Since a fruit-grower bought a Broncorrector, his whole family have been feeling better.

Roe deer around the anti-radiation unit! The Stoker family bought the Broncorrector model 240) for private use. There were health problems in the family, which fruit-grower Wim Stoker does not wish to go into in detail. However, he will say that since the Broncorrector was installed, his family is feeling better. At the same time, he saw small changes in his organic fruit-farm. He does not have measurements of the effects but since the Broncorrector was installed he harvests more apples on average and of better quality. However, he does draw attention to the fact that part of the orchard has since been cut down and replanted. But, in his opinion, even the older fruit trees seem to be more disease-free, although the amount of scab has not decreased, for example. Surprisingly, Stoker mentions that two roe deer regularly hang around the corrector. The grower has also seen considerably more hares in his orchard. ‘I used to see hardly any animals. Perhaps they find the organic plants tastier or maybe it comes from the Broncorrector. At any rate, I enjoy seeing animals between the trees.’ 
‘BELIEVING IN A MIRACLE TUBE’ (Farming magazine 'DE BOERDERIJ', February 2009)