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Harry & Jose Houben in Dieteren

geplaatst: Improver-70 / Broncorrector 240

Within a couple of days our daughter was sleeping soundly

When our daughter Willie was born on 19 February 1996, we set up a baby room in a place in the house that was never used for sleeping by the 3 other children. When Willie was born and got a permanent sleeping place in this room, she was very restless every day and night. She cried a lot and acted as though she wanted to crawl out of bed, which the other children in the other bedrooms had never done. This kept us busy for two years. Through a lecture at a club, Jose came into contact with the Broncorrector. We had someone come round and found out that our daughter was sleeping above a source of earth radiation. We then agreed to have the Improver-70 installed. Within a couple of days, our daughter was sleeping soundly and peace was restored in our home.

In 2006, we built a new dairy farm at a new location in Dieteren, where we started milking cows in October 2006. To our amazement, the barn didn’t run the way we wanted. There was less production, a high cell level and cows with rough coats. One afternoon, when we were talking to members of our cattle study club about earth radiation on our farm and Albert Bron and Bertie Houwers told their story, we went into the barn to measure with the dowsing rod. There was harmful radiation running through the barn and we were also affected by a transmitter mast and high-voltage cables at some distance from the farm. With the experience of our daughter in mind, we immediately had the Broncorrector 240 installed. Since then, things have better in the barn. We have regularly lent the Improver-70 to other people if they had problems with restless children. An older acquaintance who had health problems in his new apartment also achieved
good results with it.