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The Seegers family in Giessenburg

geplaatst: Broncorrector 110

Following a telephone call from our youngest daughter in Zelhem, whom I had never heard so happy about her
experiences on an open day on a dairy farm, we looked into the Broncorrector in more detail.

We are pretty over-sensitive and despite cleaning up the energy in and around our house, it seemed that after only a short time it was streaming full of tired, negative (hard) energy, and that has a considerable effect on your mind and your constitution. The question that kept on coming up was “how can that be possible?”. Inside the house, it was always chilly enough to give you goose pimples. But this chilliness has gone now. Peace has descended on our home – a benevolent peace and sweetness. It makes you happy. Everything is growing and blossoming; the vegetable garden and fruit trees are producing more than we need and we give a lot away. We use our own compost, as we have always done, but we think that the harvest is at least twice what it was and just about nothing is eaten by pests. And sometimes we can just sit quietly instead of always being busy.

After staying just one day, somebody called our place a fairy tale and actually wanted to stay longer. Another called it heavenly. Healthcare supervisors for a group of people who camped here for a week said that there was so much harmony during their stay, that the group had calmed down and that almost everyone had gained self-confidence. (What a week can do!) Just imagine, there are just as many flowers as weeds and maybe it’s that every plant, bush, tree, herb and weed finally has its own radiance and benefits from the Corrector, just like the people.

I would heartily recommend the Corrector to anyone who is not feeling on top line. It’s more than worth the money and trouble.