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The P. family in Westerhaar

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A lot has changed since we’ve had a Broncorrector

In the spring of 2004, our daughter (aged 13) started to get pain in her fingers, arms and legs. By mid-August, a lot of things were no longer so easy, such as fastening a button, combing her hair, walking up stairs or cycling. She was always tired. In November, our doctor sent us to a rheumatologist where we were told that she had an aggressive form of rheumatism. She received the highest dose of medicines available and it did no good. The symptoms simply intensified. At the beginning of January, we installed a Broncorrector. After 1 week, her intake of medicines was halved and stopped altogether after 3 weeks. The pain was almost entirely gone. On 26 April, she underwent a further examination with a blood test. She was declared cured.

We are extremely grateful and happy. Our daughter is again a teenager of 14.