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Van der Spek, Odemira, Portugal

geplaatst: Broncorrector 520

The medicines are now rotting in the cupboard and the cows are still getting better with every lactation

I want to start at the time when we did not yet have a Broncorrector, because that’s just as interesting. We moved to Portugal 23 years ago and I started work as a manager on a dairy farm. From the very start, that felt different to what we had been used to. I was used to high production with few health problems. However here problems seemed to mount up from the very first day. In the first year, there was 20% loss. There were a lot of litres but low levels - sometimes with less than 3% fat. We tried everything but finally we blamed it on “the climate”. After a couple of years we were able to start for ourselves but by then it was clear that something had to change. We bought Fleckvieh cows and started to cross them (FLV-MRIJ-MON). This went quite well for a number of years until we suffered a minor earthquake some time in 2002. After that, the condition of the cows deteriorated rapidly. They were reluctant to enter the milking parlor, difficult to milk and did not give milk readily. There was a lot of mastitis, a high cell level of 800,000+ and much less milk. There came a point when they were giving less than 15 litres when they should have been giving 25.

Experts came and went and none of them could do anything. Soil, water, feed and blood were all tested. The only thing that became apparent was that after 2 months the cows were resistant to the medicines that they had initially been sensitive to. We spent years looking for an answer until a water sample came back in which radiation had been found. The next sample was specifically checked for radiation and, yes, it was 3 times the allowed limit. I searched radiation on Google and the Broncorrector appeared immediately. I phoned Henk Pauw who went to work with his dowsing rod and felt strong radiation which, according to him, was caused by various obstructive layers and a fault line in the earth’s crust in the immediate vicinity. He advised us to install a powerful Broncorrector – stronger than was needed for our surface area. No sooner said than done. We dug in the Broncorrector but the first two months were disastrous. We had an average of 12 litres and the cell level rose to 1.2 million! But after that it went better every month. Little by little all of the problems disappeared and after 1 year, the cell level stood at 250,000.

The medicines are now rotting in the cupboard and the cows are still getting better with every lactation. I can also see a difference in the soil structure. My neighbor grows maize – some of it within the radius of the Broncorrector and some outside. In the area affected by the Corrector, the maize is clearly higher and more level with a difference in yield of maybe 15%. All in all, the problems have been nicely resolved here but now we are planning to move again, and the first thing that will go with us is the Broncorrector.

Aldert van der Spek, Odemira, Portugal