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Kees de Vries

geplaatst: Broncorrector 520

That thing is never coming out of the ground

We had the problem that from roughly July until the autumn, the cows did not want to cross an invisible line in fine weather. If you drove them over it, they were back again in less than 5 minutes. At a temperature of more than 40 degrees centigrade, we saw them standing 1 meter away from the water trough and they refused to go further! Another time they literally mounted each other (as if they were in heat) in order to stay behind the line. We milk about 700 cows in 2 barns that are 105 meters long and are orientated north-south. The line is not always in the same place but is always between 30 to 40 meters from the north side and cuts through both barns. I think that everyone who works with cows would agree that in time this will lead to problems with health and the productivity of the animals. It was very striking that the dung of the cows in the group (with the same diet) varied between almost water and horse dung.

After the Broncorrector was installed, this clearly improved but we were still busy optimising the diet so it might have been coincidence. When the cows started to behave in the same way again, my wife pointed out that we had positioned a sheep wire too close to the Corrector. After we removed it, the cows seemed to react positively but we had just opened a new silo so it could have been coincidence. After fitting a telephone antenna (signal amplifier) on the chimney (I also
do stupid things for 300 euros a month) the Corrector seemed to be disrupted but…well, you have so much to do and it might just be coincidence. After we moved the Corrector, we had the feeling that it was having a positive effect again but we had also done this and that to improve the comfort of our cows so, you see, it might have been. To cut a long story short, we did not want to rely on esoteric effects to solve our problems but we have seen too many coincidences to believe in coincidence that seriously.

Vrieswoud KG de Vries/van Ginkel. Kees de Vries, Deetz, Germany. Broncorrector 520 since February 2007.