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Erik Luiten

geplaatst: Broncorrector 240
Afbeelding van Erik Luiten

Whatever he tried, milking by robot simply didn’t work for Luiten. Until he bought the Broncorrector.

The Broncorrector made milking by robot easy again. Erik Luiten had invested heavily in an automated milking system that simply did not work. He was desperate. He spent the whole trying to drive the cows into the milking stalls and it was difficult to get even 2.1 to 2.2 milkings a day. Production also dropped again, which hurt cow-lover Luiten even more. Like many people, it took him a long time to find an alternative approach. Having tried modifying the automatic milking system, altering the diet and less chasing after the cows, Luiten found his answer in the Broncorrector, on the advice of his Laval dealer. ‘It was amazing that everything was already running better after a little more than a week,’ says Luiten. ‘We were soon up to 2.6 milkings a day, and with a lot less work.’ All the same, the farmer remained sceptical about the corrector, until a shovel operator accidentally knocked it sideways. The number of milkings immediately dropped back to 2.3. The seller was called in and set the ‘miracle thing’ straight and in the correct orientation. ‘After just two days, things were going great in the barn again,’ says Luiten.
‘There must be something in it! ‘ ‘BELIEVING IN A MIRACLE TUBE’ (Farming magazine 'DE BOERDERIJ', February 2009)