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Jeroen and Claudia Groot in Aarlanderveen.

geplaatst: Broncorrector 1000
Afbeelding van Jeroen and Claudia Groot in Aarlanderveen.

My father bought the Broncorrector “Senior-1000” (314 ha) in 1989 together with a number of neighbours. Since then the soil structure and permeability in wet weather have improved, also resulting in improved capillary action in dry weather!

 Claudia and I now have a dairy farm with about 100 cows and 35 hectares of great pasture. Production stands at 10,000 kg of milk with 4.30 fat and 3.45 protein, with an average cell level of less than a hundred. In 2010 and 2011, we had only 6 and 7 cases of mastitis respectively.
We believe that the Broncorrector has a positive effect on the cows and that this result comes from the combination of the Broncorrector and good management.
So we couldn’t do without the Broncorrector!

The picture shows Jeroen and Claudia’s top cow Josie 139, born 24-04-1992. Lifetime production: 189,500 litres (Nov. 2012).