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Principles and Technology

The Broncorrector is a physical instrument that ensures that free energy is conducted perfectly through the soil.

The Broncorrector provides a better biological equilibrium in the soil. Trace elements and microorganisms are gradually made available to the plant in a more balanced form. The effect of the Broncorrector is to make the nutrients in the soil easier to absorb for the plant.

The hard, obstructive layers in the soil are gradually converted into a porous crumb structure with excellent capillary properties. This improves the crucial water management so that, in wet periods, the water gradually sinks to the subsoil to supplement the groundwater. In a dry period, the root-bearing layers remain moist due to improved capillary action. Owing to the good crumb structure and healthy soil, the plant roots can develop healthily and strongly. The result is a stronger plant that is less susceptible to disease and insects.

Moreover, because of the growth of better and deeper roots, and improved absorption, less fertilizer will wash out. This can also mean higher production, partly caused by a better balance of minerals. 

Because the Broncorrector improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the soil by the plant, this also means a large saving on the cost of artificial fertilizer. And this makes the Broncorrector an excellent and sensible business investment.

 Corrector installed with arrow aligned exactly to magnetic north.
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On these infrared photographs of a field of grass/clover, the limit of the Broncorrector’s effect action-radius is clearly visible. The area affected is purple – representing more vital and dense vegetation – while the area outside is a lighter, white colour.
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 IMPROVER 25 and IMPROVER 70 for private homes, office, etc. Effect action-radius is 25 and 70 meters respectively.
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