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Other applications

Apart from its agricultural uses, the Broncorrector can also be used to counter health problems in livestock!
• Restless and/or stressed livestock.
• Stubborn, inexplicable sickness symptoms
• Growth problems and/or bad feed conversion
• Calving difficulties
• Restlessness among horses
• Static-electric charge in the milking parlor

Disruptions in the geomagnetic field have a negative effect on the organism. The Broncorrector assures a more even field, which puts less burden on the resistance of the organism.

The result? Better resistance, better growth and better health.

 Burying a Broncorrector on a fruit farm.
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 Ready for transport.
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On these infrared photographs of a field of grass/clover, the limit of the Broncorrector’s effect action-radius is clearly visible. The area affected is purple – representing more vital and dense vegetation – while the area outside is a lighter, white colour.
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