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These noble animals are extra-sensitive to radiation. This oversensitivity has been amply demonstrated through research with dowsing rods and field-strength meters with professional or hobby horses on farms or elsewhere.

The results have shown restlessness in stalls where radiation has been measured. Sometimes horses have been completely unmanageable while the same horse was calmness itself in a stall in which no radiation had been measured. When returned to the first stall, the stressed behavior returned immediately. Also when horses are ridden in riding schools and paddocks – and in dressage – you often see them shy if they have to pass a water vein/earth radiation. Sometimes they even refuse! 

So research clearly shows that this behavior does not result from the unwillingness on the part of the horse but from the radiation that startles it and which it dares not pass. The Broncorrector corrects and balances (harmful) radiation in stalls and on the farm so that stress disappears, the animals become calmer, and the radiation obstacles in riding schools and paddocks are passed without anxiety. 

The same balance benefits resistance to disease, health and the performance of your horse(s).

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 More balance in the living environment provides calmness and better health
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