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The Origin

From 1920 to 1955, researcher O.J. Cleveringa (1890 -1980) was an agricultural consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture. He had an entirely different view on the health of plants, animals and people than that of science then and now. In a publication of 1964, he wrote that modern science hardly ever worked on the basis of intellectual capacity. The big brains have entirely pushed aside the little brains, where intuition is locked away. It is this intuition, the gift of clairvoyance, that would enable us to see the true nature of natural forces. In his writings, Cleveringa hit out at various dogmas such as that of infection by a transfer of parasites from one individual to another. “Why, in certain circumstances, does an individual surrounded by sick people stay healthy?” The growing place must be the decisive factor. After all, the improved breeds had the same characteristics and were fertilized in the same way and were exposed to the same weather conditions. (Cleveringa also found herds surviving in the midst of foot and mouth epidemics without any precautions being taken.)

This was a vision that was at odds with the ‘infection dogma’ in which it was assumed that healthy plants were not attacked by parasites by pure accident. Cleveringa stressed the importance of ‘homogenous, crumbly soil’, composed of one third air, one third water and one third soil, that would ensure harmonious nutrition and perfect proportions aboveground. In some places, such as ‘horse meadow places’, this soil structure is different. At these places, horses refuse to eat grass while they still deposit all their dung.

 Spade Test in the USA, Johannes and Lauwrens Bron.
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 Publicity photo USA.
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 Interview on NTS (now NOS) news.
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 Photo from 1961.
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 A surge of people in Wieuwerd.
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