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Fruit growing

Fruit growing is a form of agriculture that benefits more than most from good soil structure, balanced soil life and the optimum soil fertility!

Fruit trees and soft fruits are quickly affected by less good to bad soil structure, hard layers, poor water management and reduced capillary action. The result is that in wet weather, less water permeates to the subsoil and in relatively dry periods the moisture that rises is stagnant. But, most of all, it is root growth that is far from optimum.

Research with the Spade Test shows this clearly and demonstrates the relationship between root growth, disease and production both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

In combination with harmful radiation, this often means in practice bad fruiting, a high level of disease and reduced production both in terms of quality and quantity.

The BRONCORRECTOR takes the entire structure of soil profiles to a considerably higher level. In particular, dense, obstructive layers regain their porosity and thus allow the passage of water. But the capillary action and air capacity are also improved.

The result is that you have better control over the all-important ‘water management’ so that, in wet periods, the water gradually sinks to the subsoil to supplement the groundwater. In a dry period, the root-bearing layers remain moist due to improved capillary action. The advantage of a good crumb structure and healthy soil is that the plant roots can develop healthily and strongly, resulting in a stronger plant.

The Broncorrector for high-quality fruit
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The Broncorrector for safe/toxin-free fruit
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Honey bees and useful insects also like organic produce
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An almond orchard in California, USA. Better growth, no more insect damage and higher production
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