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Electronics and earth radiation

The combination of earth radiation and water veins can also affect the electronics of the milking parlor and robot on dairy
farms, for example, leading to increasingly more insurmountable problems in the form of restless cows, kicking off the milking claw, reluctance to enter the milking parlor and average to bad visits to the milking robot. It may also lead to a lack of milk production, mastitis and (much too) excessive cell production.

More and more milking parlor and robot suppliers are coming to us for the solution to these problems, as too are feed
suppliers and vets who are desperate to find a remedy for occurrences that are often inexplicable.

In such cases, as long as the conditions of perfect earthing, good feed quality, etc. are satisfied, the Broncorrector offers
 a perfect solution for a relatively modest investment, leading to relaxed milking and better farming.

 Burying a Broncorrector on a fruit farm.
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 Ready for transport.
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On these infrared photographs of a field of grass/clover, the limit of the Broncorrector’s effect action-radius is clearly visible. The area affected is purple – representing more vital and dense vegetation – while the area outside is a lighter, white colour.
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