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Dairy/cattle farms

- Restless cows?
- Are the cows reluctant to enter the milking parlor?
- High cell level?
- Inflamed udder?
- Soft hoof?
- Disappointing production?
- Lactose level too low?
- Urea level too high?
- Dull coat – not glossy?

The problems listed above can often be traced back to an excessive or unbalanced magnetic field strength on your farm.

On many dairy farms, the positive/negative field of water veins/earth radiation, possibly boosted even further by a neighboring mobile network mast, causes restlessness among the cattle and a build-up of static electricity on electronics and the milking parlor.

This causes stress to the cows. They withhold their milk and are not milked dry. The result is often mastitis, a high cell level, low lactose level, disappointing production and, for those who milk them, often headaches, fatigue and stress.

The Broncorrector corrects the imbalance in the magnetic field strength on your farm so that the positive/ negative charge in the form of peaks (too high) and curves (too low) – which cause many health problems – are corrected, producing a more uniform field and a more balanced living environment for people, animals and plants. 

Bringing the living environment into balance, makes the cows more relaxed. Metabolism improves and because there is less static electricity build-up on electronics and the milking parlor, the cows are more ready to enter the milking parlor, stress during milking disappears and they are ready again to give milk, with all the associated positive effects.

On many dairy farms, installing a Broncorrector has resulted in the solving of a lot of problems, including a drastic reduction in cell level, quieter cows and a return to relaxed milking. And often a rise in milk production.

 Healthy pedigree cows
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 Jan Schouten wouldn’t do without his Corrector. ´Even if that thing was twice as expensive, it would still go in the ground today.’
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Peace and quiet in the milking parlor at Jan van Casteren’s farm.
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