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Earth radiation and correction

Earth radiation and water veins can have a harmful effect on the health of people, animals and plants. Years of experimentation and study by researchers such as Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, O. J. Cleveringa, Johannes Bron and others have led to the conclusion that many (sometimes inexplicable) diseases and complaints in both people and animals are caused, or partly caused, by the harmful effects of earth radiation. For optimum health and strong resistance to intractable complaints and viruses for both people and animals, it is crucially important that your company/home/office is free from the effects of harmful radiation that attack the resistance of people, animals and plants.

Earth radiation is the result of cosmic radiation that penetrates to the axis of the earth bringing energy. When the radiation encounters resistance in the form of underground water veins, natural gas, oil or coal, for example, it is reflected back as a negative charge. We call this earth radiation.

Earth radiation causes a charge difference (peaks and curves) in the geomagnetic field causing an attraction – originating in natural radioactivity – at certain places. This can weaken the resistance of people and animals and plants living above and give rise to health problems.

The Broncorrector corrects the charge difference in the field strength so that the peaks and curves are flattened out, creating a more even charge and a more balanced living environment for people, animals and plants. By balancing the living environment, the organism regains the opportunity to regenerate itself (to become entirely or partially healthy) because its resistance to viruses and disease is no longer affected but can regain strength and come into balance.

Henk Pauw tracking down possible disruptions among the cows.
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Henk Pauw with a pine tree more than 200 years old on a positive (ley) energy centre in the Mantingerzand.
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A course in dowsing with Henk Pauw.
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